Have you ever been tied up and had no time to complete your essay? Has a due date made you to miss a gig or made you work overnight yet you still got that poor grade.  Has it ever occurred or it will occur that the essay you have to write is/will be demanding in terms of time and resources. Well that’s why this service exists to help you study and write essays with no pressure.

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The Dos and Don’ts of an Online Essay Requester,

Online essay service providers (writing companies) are diverse with companies claiming to offer cash back, guarantees, free essays among other sweet deals. Making a choice on which company to settle can be confusing and this why you are reading this article.  It is important to strike a good deal that will not drain your pocket and at the same time not to look for a site that ask for minimal charges. Checking on the quality of the work a writing company offers against the attached value is vital. It is important for the essay requester to first understand the payment procedure and the delivery timelines. Most companies ask for an upfront fee then the remaining amount to be paid prior delivery of the final essay.

To be safe the requester (student) is linked with the student and is able to monitor the progress of their work in some companies. This is crucial as any writing adjustment to be made can be done on the process. It is thus important for requester to keep in mind the nature of their work and the extent they would prefer to supervise their work. Requester should avoid companies that deny them interaction with writers as this blocks the needed personal touch and satisfaction of personalized services.

What Distinguishes expert-essays from Other Writing Services

At expert-essays we ensure we hire writers who are competent and dedicated to exceed customer’s expectations. We endeavor to give requester quality papers that will make them stand out from the rest. This is possible as we have a team of multidisciplinary expert writers who have experience and passion in various fields. Once an order is placed the best qualified and available writer immediately starts to write your paper. This depends on the urgency of the essay for urgent work our expert writers are called to the task to start on the essay(s) though the cost is more as the lead time is shorter.

Is My Essay absolutely private? 

The writers are discrete and our policy ensures requester anonymity by use of coded identity.  Once your work has been completed it is solely sent to you and no other person or party will use it or have access to it.

How Much Do I Pay 

For most essay companies they charge a mean of $15 a page, most companies are in the range of $7 and $ 28 a page. expert-essays.com charges $12 per page on average but the rates can vary depending on urgency of work and complexity.

What Type of Writing Tasks Do I expect from expert-essays

You can expect us to write all academic papers. Most of our requester has gotten great approval and have always referred their friends. Our essays can be customized and since you are in constant contact with us you can give detailed instructions that can easily be followed to ensure your paper is top notch.

Will My Essay Be Original

Our writers write essays from scratch no copying or paraphrasing. This ensures that your work has a personal originality and ingenuity. It is this characteristic that makes our services superior in the essay service provision.

What Time to Expect Your Paper Back

Since writing involves deadlines and timelines our services are competitive as a requester has the opportunity of requesting an essay to be written within three hours. The time however determines the cost with very urgent orders attracting a rate of up to $30 a page. When placing orders a requester is expected to set the due date when they wish their work to be finished by which our writers work by. It is advisable for requester to set it earlier than the school due date.

What If My Paper(s) Need Rewriting

We guarantee our requester that if any rewriting is to be done which does not often happen no additional charges are asked. Our writers can review your essay and have your easy back within 24 hours. It is always our policy to submit client’s essays 24 hours prior the request time to allow them time to check the paper. It’s worth noting that payments that you make are held by expert-essays company as a guarantee that the writer must observe due diligence when writing your essay. This ensures that they comply with writing standards as per requester’s institutions i.e. formatting, plagiarism and editing.

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