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History essays can be focused on a wide variety of things. The most important thing about writing a history essay is orienting the reader and making sure they understand the basis and the background for what is going on in the essay. This means laying out the time period and the location that is being focused on in the history essay. Writing history essays can seem redundant, as history does tend to repeat itself, but it’s important to be accurate and give the reader the entire experience of history. One of the easiest ways to organize a history essay is chronologically. This means starting at the earliest time period that the essay is focused on and moving forward in time from then. Another way to organize a history essay is by location. This could be useful when multiple things are going on at the same time, just in different locations. In this instance, the writer could alternate between writing about the different locations, while making it clear to the reader that the essay is all during the same time frame.

Whether organizing by time or location, another concept of writing history essays that is crucial when writing a good essay is character representation. During the essay, the reader is probably only getting a small glimpse into the characters’ lives and therefore cannot usually tell who they are as a person. By making clear their personalities and motivations, this could help the reader better understand why they’re doing certain things or what they are aiming to get out of doing certain things. Character representation also helps develop the story, as that is what history is. Since this is a history essay, developing character personality traits and sharing those with the reader could help to make the reader feel as if he/she is really there in history and re-experiencing what happened.


Another extremely important thing to consider when writing history essays is to keep the essay interesting and not bore the reader. Personally, I know a lot of people who do not enjoy reading about history and who would not enjoy reading history essays. Therefore, in order to interest the reader, no matter who the reader is intended to be, the writer should make the story as exciting or dramatic as possible. This does not mean fabricating information, but rather accentuating the information that is accurate and true. This also means including little details from the characters’ lives or from the time period or from the location the history essay is taking place in, in order to bring out the more exciting things.


Most essays, if written for a class or for school, need to be a certain length. It is important to not drag the essay out, as that will bore the reader even more. Rather, focus on different details that are happening during that time in history to keep the reader engaged and interested. There are so many things that happened during history and it is important to document those things as to not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. This means that the reader needs to be interested in the story in order to remember what was written in order to not repeat history.


The topic of history essays is really vast, but these are some basic concepts that should be considered when writing a history essay.

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