Essay writing services are becoming more popular. Students can request that an essay be written on whatever topic that they request. This practice can be un-ethical for students. For people who want an essay written that is not for academic credit, the service can be a great help them. It can be a time saver for both scenarios. I personally would not use one as you cannot verify the sources until you have the paper. In today’s computer age with amazingly fast internet speeds, a paper can be checked for plagiarism within seconds.

Essay Plagiarism Check

Most colleges these days use plagiarism applications that check the wording of the essay and then search the internet to see if the paper has been copied. The penalties for plagiarism in most schools is very harsh. Many of the more popular essay writing services offer very quick turn around times. Some of the site promise papers to be written in as little as three hours. They also guarantee the work done will not be plagiarised from any source.

Essay writing: prices

The prices for these essay writing services can range from 5 dollars up to thirty dollars depending on the additional services and time frame you request. I researched many reviews while I was writing this essay. Reviews from the services are overall very positive. Students are happy with the service and I have not seen many instances where students received bad grades. Some of the services claim that they have hundreds of scholars on staff that are ready to write you paper on a moments notice. The service must be used more than I thought.

The ethics

Now, with all of this great news about how fast, easy, cheap and safe this practice is, lets talk about ethics for a moment. Look at the recent college admission scandals that have been covered heavily in the news. The rich and sometimes famous parents payed hundreds of thousand of dollars for their children’s admission into prestigious universities. The practice was once thought of as very rare but it has and is happening very often as our society becomes more competitive.

So cheating is nothing new but the forms of cheating change as schools and authorities become aware of the new tactics. Some studies show that as much as sixteen percent of students admit to paying for school work to be done on their behalf. The companies that do the work for hire are targeting the students through social media sites that are frequented by young people. Some social media sites have cracked down and pulled advertisements and videos that teach students how to use the service.

One ironic discovery is that current and former teachers are the “scholars” that are actually writing the articles for students

Some users of these services have said that they are just adapting to current economic practices and “outsourcing” their school work because they simply do not have the time to complete the assignments. There is some emerging technology that is being used to combat these services. Any document that is turned in is saved in a file format. Any file developed on a computer has a digital finger print. These finger prints contain information on how, what, when and sometimes where the file was created.

The application services that teachers use for plagiarism are now upping their game and adding detection software that will capture these fingerprints and compare them to a host of characteristics that will indicate a paper was written by a source other than the student. The cat has to get smarter if it wants to catch the mouse. Now that these papers are starting to be caught, professors are learning more about what to look for in these pay for play papers. As technology evolves, so will the processes of developing these papers and institutions of learning will have to improve on how they examine the papers.

These companies are not nice about students wanting to get their money back either. The companies can threaten and harass the students if they do not pay and keep quiet about an unsuccessful essay. Now institutions of learning have another thing to teach students about, students are being taught to just be honest, do the right thing, and complete the work themselves.

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